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Advance Admin Guide

Once Advance is successfully deployed and is online, an admin can use the different sections in the Admin menu to perform further configurations and fine tune the system.

Advance-admin menu 1.png


The home page shows the status of the Advance Service and also displays the relevant messages from the System Log.

Advance-status 1.png

An admin can also filter the log and search for the occurrence of a specific keyword in the System Log. By setting the AutoRefresh to Yes, the System Log will be automatically refreshed. An admin can also refresh it on demand.

Advance-status 2.png


Most parameters used by Advance can be configured using the Parameters page. You can click on the value to edit it. Each parameter also has notes and instructions to help the admins.

Advance-parameters 1.png
Advance-parameters 2.png

Control Panel

The Control Panel can also be used to check the status of, stop and start the Advance Service. It can also be used to open or close a Support Tunnel and check its status. It can also be used to set the SNMP community string.

Advance-control panel.png

User-ID - IP Address Mappings

The User-ID - IP Address Mappings will display all the mappings and can be used to edit or delete the existing mappings, create new mappings as well as force logins / logoffs and more. An admin can use the filters for searching and also sort the grid by any of its columns. When setting the AutoRefresh to Yes the grid will automatically refresh.

Advance-identity 1.png
Advance-identity 2.png

Clicking on Advance-force login.png will force login. Clicking on Advance-force login.png will force logoff.

Advance-identity 3.png

Clicking on Advance-delete.png will delete the mapping.

Advance-identity 6.png

The Lof Off All button can be used to force log off all.

Advance-identity 4.png

The Delete All Mappings button can be used to clear the mapping table.

Advance-identity 5.png

The Add Mapping button can be used to create a new mapping by entering the User-ID and IP Address.

Advance-identity 7.png

Appliance Upgrade

To upgrade Advance, you can go to the Appliance Upgrade page and simply upload the file provided by Saasyan support.

Advance-appliance upgrade 1.png
Advance-appliance upgrade 2.png
Advance-appliance upgrade 3.png

Change Advance Admin Password

It's advisable to use the Advance Admin Password Change page to change the password for advance_adm.

Advance-appliance admin.png