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Advance Virtual Appliance Management Console

Once the Advance Virtual Appliance is deployed, use the provided login credentials to logon to the VM's console. The Advance management console will launch and you will have the below screen. Press OK to continue


You can perform several actions, as per below. You can either type the number or use the arrow keys to move up and down to select the desired action


Interface Configuration


Select the interface ens32 and you will have two options


Select Static IP and enter the needed values for the static IP configuration. Make sure the DNS Nameservers are space separated


Advance Configuration Settings

This screen shows the current configuration parameters. You can modify them if and when required


UserID - IP Address Mappings

This screen displays all the UserID's or Usernames mapped with IP addresses and MAC addresses


Search for UserID - IP Address Mapping

You can also search for the UserID - IP Address Mapping using UserID or MAC Address or IP Address


Tail Logs

You can use this option to monitor the logs

Advance Service Status

This option shows whether the service is running or stopped


Restart Advance Service

You can use this option to restart the Advance Service. You will have to confirm restart. It usually takes around 20 minutes to restart


License Usage

This screen will show you the current license usage


Import SSL Certificate

Use this option to paste the Palo Alto Networks® Next generation Firewall SSL certificate and import it to the Advance Virtual Appliance