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Assure Overrides Admin Guide

Once Assure Overrides is successfully deployed and is online, an admin can use the different sections in the Admin menu to perform further configurations and fine tune the system.

Saova admin-menu-options.png

Control Panel

The Control Panel can also be used to check the status of, stop and start the Assure Service. It can also be used to open or close a Support Tunnel and check its status.

Saova control-panel.png


Most parameters used by Assure Overrides can be configured using the Parameters page. You can click on the value to edit it. Each parameter also has notes and instructions to help the admins.

Saova parameters-3.png
Saova parameters-4.png

Web Categories

Once Assure Overrides is online and the initial synchronization is complete, the Web Categories are imported from the firewall. They are refreshed every hour and also when the Force Sync parameter is set to Yes.

Saova categories-1.png

To disallow a Category being used for Web Overrides, an admin can click on the original value (by default Yes) to switch it to No.

Saova categories-2.png


Using the Groups page, an admin can add the required student groups (as per AD) along with their respective Assure groups. Check the Deployment Guide step 1.2 for details. If a user is not a member of at least one Assure group, he / she will not be able to login to Assure Overrides.

Saova groups-1.png
Saova groups-4.png

Existing groups can be edited by clicking on the values.

Saova groups-2.png
Saova groups-3.png

The admin can also delete a group from Assure Overrides by clicking on the X.

Saova groups-5.png

Synchronized Users

After adding new groups to Assure Overrides, an admin can access the Synchronized Users page to check whether the users were successfully synchronized or not. By default Assure is set to synchronize the users every hour, but an admin can also set the Force Sync parameter to Yes and that will force the synchronisation with Active Directory and the firewall.

Saova synchronized-users.png

Override Groups

Using the Override Groups page, an admin can add special AD groups (not student groups) which can be used to create Web Overrides. Those Web Overrides will be applied to all members of the special group.

Saova override-groups-1.png
Saova override-groups-4.png

Existing override groups can be edited by clicking on the values.

Saova override-groups-2.png

The admin can also delete an override group from Assure Overrides by clicking on the X.

Saova override-groups-3.png

Overrides Audit Trail

By using the Overrides Audit Trail page, an admin can check all the Web Overrides that were created by the users with the expiry dates not older than 7 days from the the time of checking. The list will include the active ones as well as the ones that were expired or removed by the users.

Saova overrides-audit-trail.png

Change Appliance Admin Password

It's advisable to use the Change Appliance Admin Password page to change the password for assure_adm.

Saova appliance-admin-password.png