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LMS/LTI Integration

The Assure overrides function can be exposed through learning management systems (LMS) that support the LTI standard.

LTI Integration with Canvas

Canvas is a cloud-based LMS and Assure can be integrated with it.

The requirements are:

  • Access to Canvas LMS as admin
  • A new access token (API key) with no expiration (can use the same admin user)
  • AD integration so Teachers and Students login using their domain accounts

The integration steps are:

  • An Assure admin needs to create a new LTI Consumer via Assure having a specific name and key. A new secret will be generated
Create LTI Consumer - 1.png
Create LTI Consumer - 2.png
XML Config Builder.png
  • Saasyan Assure needs to be added in Canvas as an external app using the XML along with the consumer key and secret. An admin can go to Admin -> Settings -> Apps to add an External App
Canvas - Add App.png
  • Assure can then be launched from within Canvas from every course page and teachers can create a web override rule that applies to students enrolled in that particular course
Canvas - Assure.png