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Version 1.3 (Current):

  • Event reminders can now be set on or off system-wide through the admin menu
  • Users can now login to Tempus to set their calendar reminders on or off and to set their preferred event category. Both settings will override the system-wide ones set through the admin menu
  • We now have a RESTful JSON API that can be leveraged to push timetable/calendar items and interact with the system programmatically
  • We now support LISS v1.0.2 and are one of the export destinations within Timetabler from Timetabling Solutions.
  • The timetable import schedule can now be set through the admin menu
  • The status page now displays more information including the last synced timestamp and the number of sync enabled users
  • minor bug fixes
  • minor UI updates

Version 1.2:

  • users can now be placed in a designated exclusion group in AD in order to exclude them from the synchronization process
  • added a room booking module which makes it easier to check for room availability
  • added the ability to colour code the events that are automatically created by tempus
  • admins can view the error log
  • speed improvements
  • minor bug fixes
  • minor UI updates

Version 1.1:

  • an admin can now run the synchronization task on demand
  • the increment_days and decrement_days parameters are now exposed through the admin UI
  • speed improvements
  • minor bug fixes

Version 1.0:

  • First GA release